Ensure ‘Happy Feet’ This Winter…

Feet are the most neglected part of our body. Imagine if you are perfectly put together, right from hair and makeup to clothes and accessories and the focus suddenly shifts to your foot that is rough, dry, dull and cracked, god save you from the horror!

Summers have a traumatic effect on your feet right from causing tanning, sunburns to cracked heels or fissures, therefore, winter is the right time to pamper your feet and give them the much-needed care that helps them restore their beauty in no time.

  1. Exfoliate Rough Skin: Winter extracts the moisture from the skin resulting in dry, chafed skin and cracked heels that call for an unsightly view. Removing this dead skin is the first step to prep your feet for the winter. Use a pumice stone or an exfoliator or a rotary brush to shed off the dry skin which is of no use. You can also make a paste of olive oil and sugar which act as a great exfoliator!
  2. A Warm Bath for Your Feet: As the dead skin sheds off, soak your feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes. This will soften the skin and remove all the dirt. Add a shower gel or an aroma oil to double up the cleansing effect. Make sure that the water is not too hot as it can dry your skin further. Lukewarm water is idle! Perform this activity while bathing or before going to bed if you don’t have enough time. This will not only clean your feet but also let you relax.
  3. Moisturize The New Skin: After exfoliation, moisturizing is the final step to cease the moisture in the dry skin to make it soft and supple. Slather a thick layer of Vaseline or a moisturizing lotion and wear socks to seal the process. This will let your feet soak all the suppleness. A mixture of glycerin, lemon juice, and sugar if applied on the feet and left overnight helps lighten the scars and marks on the feet.
  4. Avoid Acetone Products: Almost all nail paint removers have acetone which is nothing but chemical! This deprives your nails of the natural oils and are pretty harsh on them. Avoid using them on a regular basis to protect your brittle nails. Use Vitamin E enriched nail paints and acetone free removers to protect your nails that enhances the beauty of your feet!
  5. A Foot Massage: Nothing is as calm and serene as a nice foot massage after a hectic day. Use a gentle body lotion or an aroma oil to massage your feet. This way you are not only increasing the blood circulation in your feet but relaxing your nerves and locking moisture for great feet!
  6. Exposed Feet Calls For Cracked Heels: Even if you are inside your home, avoid roaming barefoot especially in winters as the bacteria and dirt cause cracked heels. Always wear woolen or cotton socks while going out in the chilly wind.
  7. A Professional Pedicure: Nothing can beat a professional pedicure. An occasional visit to a salon is not a bad idea when you are not in a mood to invest time in pampering your feet all by yourself. Collecting all the products and carry out the entire procedure doesn’t look all that great especially in winters, a pedicure at your local salon is a great idea!
  8. Make Sure Your Shoes Fit Properly: Wearing a properly fit shoe is as important as wearing socks. If your shoes are too tight, they can cause ingrown toenails, corns or calluses. To keep your feet healthy this winter, make sure to wear a right size shoe.


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