Wisdom teeth begin to leave between 16 and 20 years, however, some people have reached 40 years, just beginning to leave this mouthpiece.

The removal of wisdom teeth involves extracting the molars that are located in the lower part of the mouth, known as wisdom teeth or strings, which are causing problems. Therefore, the treatment to be followed by the affected patient after visiting a dental surgeon is the extraction of them, through simple and short surgery.

They are the last molar teeth, which are located on each side of the jaws, known as the third molar; its main feature is that they are the last teeth to come out.

Due to their characteristic of being located at the end of the gum, they do not usually have enough space to accommodate and when this occurs the teeth remain immobilized causing pain or swelling in the area.

How to know about teeth removal? 4 ways to tell:

  1. There are other reasons to perform the wisdom tooth extraction in teenage, if the gum infection is not treated and persists over time, it can disturb the bone adjacent to the tooth, and this infection can spread to the cheek or neck.
  2. The wisdom tooth removal hurts when exerting pressure and being in an inadequate position, produces a progressive inflammation all around, once the infection or disease has been extracted gradually improves.
  3. When you notice that the wheel protrudes, it is time to loosen it by extracting it whole; this will allow you to remove it without much inconvenience.
  4. The dentist will give the patient a list of preventions that he has to perform before the surgery, in this process, he will anesthetize the gum where the tooth is located and will begin to cut with the special instruments.

What to do after wisdom tooth extraction?

– Do gentle jaw movement exercises, as if chewing gum slowly, this will move the joint close to the wisdom teeth, reducing pain. Wash your mouth with mouth rinses especially for those sensitive gums that completely affect the area. Gargle with warm water and a little salt for disinflation and pain relief.

– In case of inflammation of the cheeks apply cold in the area for a few minutes with ice, wrapped in a cotton cloth, this will numb and relieve pain. Take the medication prescribed by the dental surgeon (anti-inflammatories, analgesics or antibiotics).

– Keep rest for the time prescribed by the dental surgeon by finding him at the best dental hospital near me at online search portals. Do not gargle powerful during the 24 hours following the extraction of the tooth, as they can hinder the procession of blood clots and bleeding continues.

– Apply if necessary, ice on the cheek to reduce pain. Perform proper oral hygiene, this will reassure the pain, applying it where was the wisdom tooth, this is recommended. During the recovery period, follow a soft diet until the recovery process is finished.

– Leave any kind of habits such as smoking, drinking some alcoholic beverages and drugs. Avoid the consumption of too hot food or drinks. As well as the use of food containing seeds or similar things of small size, to prevent them from being accumulated in the wound.

Precautions to take before extracting wisdom tooth:

There is no doubt that there is a pain in the extraction of wisdom teeth, that is why it is mandatory to assist a specialist and to say which are the methods that must be met before and at the time of their elimination, among which the following can be mentioned:

– Before the removal of wisdom teeth, you cannot smoke so as not to put the procedure at risk since it can induce an infiltration in the contusion.

– Do not eat to prevent excess food in the teeth when the anesthesia takes effect, the specialist increases the alveolus that is the area where the tooth is located, for that you will use a pair of tweezers exclusive to your profession.

– In other teeth, a cut is made in the gums, slowly removing the maxillary bone until it reaches the tooth. Once this procedure is completed, the wounds can be removed and healed.

– Then with a clamp, you start to move the grinding wheel holding it at the same time with another instrument and extract it from the root.


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