Right now the world is transforming at the speed of its actual rotation around the sun. Technology and education both hand to hand are transforming the ways of learning and creating new boundaries every day. Due to this, we all are missing those vital things that have the full potential of helping our need of the hour. Out of those numerous things, classroom blogging is something which deserved to be continued even in this era.

Classroom blogging is one of those deprived products of the collaboration of education and technology that discussed much less than it deserves. That is why to break the chains, I am writing this article in which I am going to discuss a guide to classroom blogging for 2019.

Meaning of Classroom Blogging:

Classroom blogging was only introduced as a medium of communication between students and teachers. However, with the time it has transformed and now in the year 2019, it is going to be much more than that. With the communications, teachers can also blog about the lecture or lesson that they covered in the classroom so the student can get assignment help directly from these blogs. Moreover, to make it more interactive, students can also blog about the things that they have learned in the classroom. Through blogging, they can show their understanding of the teacher and fellow students so it can create a healthy and competitive environment for learning.

Benefits of education in blogging:

We all are now fed up with hearing the same old benefits of classroom blogging about connecting students and teachers. That is why skipping these cliché benefits, let’s jump onto the real one benefits that have never discussed before.

•    Tools for expressing opinions:

Writing is one of the best forms of expressing your views. It helps you in making you introvert and explaining those things which you cannot say or speak to someone. Classroom blogging has proved to be a remarkable tool for expressing views. Blogging has helped the students to articulate their ideas and to make some fans of them.

•    An Approach for the future:

Classroom blogging can be an approach to the future. It helps out the person to reach his limits and then pushing it further in order to get more knowledge and information regarding that field. By blogging, students can expand their knowledge and flex their skills which can be proved beneficial in the future for higher education or job placement.

•    Engaging:

Engaging education has always been a discussion of the drawing rooms. Teachers and educational institutes are trying their best to make the educational model as engaging as possible. That is why blogging came as a tool for engaging students with the topics or lectures covered in the classroom. By writing about it, they can discuss things on the digital forum and an entire thread of argumentative discussion on the topic can prove to be vital for the student’s growth.

Launching a personal blog site:

In the days when everything is getting on the digital forum, things have become much easier for starting an entirely new online existence. With platforms like WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal and numerous other places from which developing a website are easy can help you in making your own website for blogging.

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