Android has opened up new horizons for the users. You can find endless options in the applications for your enjoyment and need. There are amazing options in apps that might be apt for your smartphone or device.

Do you watch movies or videos? Well, in this post you would come across a few of the many great applications that you should definitely have. A right app always gets you the right experience.

Media Tap

It is a valuable application for downloading videos. Media Tap is considered to be one of the most vivid downloading platforms for Android. As the name denotes it all, you can download any kind of media file. You can download even any type of photo, document, mp3 or video file by making use of media tap. In this way you not only get access to the clips and videos that you like but all other documents too that you might want.

AVD app

AVD that stands for Android video Downloader is a wonderful application that has an absolutely easy to use interface. The application enables you to download any kind of video from diverse types of websites or platforms. You can watch and download any kind of flash videos without any hassle. The video application costs nothing and you can quickly browse videos and download them inside the application. It is true that the application does not permit the users to download the videos from YouTube but again, all other video platforms might be accessed through this app like a cakewalk.

Vidmate app

It is a popular and easy to use application for android users. you just have to use Vidmate online and this app would give you access to all the videos and clips floating on diverse platforms like Facebook, Dailymotion, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram and many more. You can easily watch the videos and download them in the finest quality and without any formatting issue too. You might not have to convert the videos because the app will get you the needed video format you need for your device. This is a third-party application and you can easily download it from the official website of Vidmate. The app also claims to have an amazing speed which is two times the other apps.

Media Clip Pro

It is also a preferred android application for watching and downloading videos movies. The users can easily download any kind of media such as videos, photos, music, and documents. You can conveniently save the streaming videos that can also be available later in the offline phase too. You must try it because the application has an easy to use interface that leads to quicker browsing. The platform has ease and efficiency for video seekers. Whether a beginner or an expert person, this app can be used with ease and excellence.


Thus, these were a few of the various types of android apps for streaming and downloading videos and movies for free. If you have never used any of these apps, you can give them a try now.


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