Best MBA Degree in Supply Chain Management

Demand for skilled supply chain managers is seen above. The efficient and effective management of the supply chain has always been important for global business. But the rise of online retailers and the customers have given rise to the growing need of managers who can achieve these objectives at the lowest cost, demanding faster delivery of their purchases, the Topper School of Business has operations management Assistant professor Joseph Zoo says in America.

MBA in supply chain management

“In ancient times, the scribes used to manage this information using pellets or papyrus,” he says. “Today, supply chain managers manage information using computers, software and other digital technologies such as IoT [Internet of Things].”

For example, online retail giant Amazon has an operational track in its Leadership Development program and, in total, hired about 1,000 MBA graduates every year. The Consumer Goods Group, Unilever, also places MBA in the roles of the supply chain as part of its Global MBA Recruitment Channel.

The basic need for information has not changed – but with the continuous technological advancement of operations, supply chain managers now require digital skills.

Demand for data science, digital marketing, software engineering, online payment processing, and cybersecurity skills is very high. According to the 2015 Deloitte report, seven out of 10 manufacturing executives reported lack of adequate technology, computer and technical training skills.

In the next decade, around 3.5 million manufacturing jobs need to be filled. As a result of lack of skill difference, especially technical skills, those jobs are expected to result in 2 million results.

Post-MBA Career in Supply Chain: Many Miscellaneous Opportunities

Many people think that supply chain management is only in the manufacturing industry, in companies like Intel, Del or Raytheon. But, MBA graduates can find supply chain jobs in virtually every region, W. Arizona State University. P. Tony Rohor, Associate Director of Graduate Business Career Services at the Carey School of Business says.

Jobs are in retail, medicine, healthcare, distribution and more companies. “The great thing about the field of supply chain management is that there are many such career opportunities,” she says.

Technology w P. Kerry is the fastest growing industry of interest among students, who are looking for companies like Amazon, Google or Walmart eCommerce, where they can add their supply chain skills with interest in data analytics to make an impact.

“There will be a combination of technical and leadership skills in great supply chain managers,” says Roher, with the communication.

Ju of Taper School says that technology is changing the work of supply chains and their managers – it enables more visibility in the supply chain. it gives the manager’s an unprecedented level of activity tracking and control within their supply chain.

From delivery drones to smart shipping containers and blockchains, goods that are in transit can now “talk” to supply chain managers, who are able to find out where they are, in which state they are And the estimated time of their arrival is. place.

Meanwhile, robots now do the heavy lifting in the logistics warehouse – and increase productivity by taking too much weight and more weight than a human. “This supply chain will become increasingly important for managers to prepare a framework for assigning the right actions between robots and humans within their supply chain so that they can complement each other,” says Joe.

MBA in logistics and supply chain management scope

Logistics’s Associate Professor Kelly Kochston, at the University of Ohio at Fisher, says that as technology supplies a new chain of chain manager, “soft skills” such as critical thinking, problem-solving, interpersonal effectiveness and Sympathy is increasing. College of Business

  1. P. Carey is another industry of consulting for MBA in school. Apart from large management consultancy firms such as McKinsey & Company, there are many niche supply chain consulting firms who are appealing, such as Denali Sourcing Strategies and best MBA in supply chain management syllabus.

Croxton at Fisher College says that apart from consulting roles, there are three other broad categories of relevant degrees to supply the chain: managerial, analytical and strategic

“First-class opportunities include monitoring of changes in a manufacturing operation or distribution center,” she says. “The second category relies on strong analytical skills and includes titles such as a supply chain planner.

“Some companies employ our students to take on more strategic roles, which help them to make competitive advantage through their supply chain or think about the firm in future direction.

Fisher College offers a master’s degree in business logistics and engineering – Crookston believes that some employers may prefer to keep special graduates instead of more general MBAs.

Supply chain careers for MBAs: demanding, but rewarding

But she says that companies hold a high value to hiring people who can negotiate in the work. “For these managers, an MBA student who has researched all the functional areas, and had a chance to think overall about business strategy and how it indicates functional strategies … is ideal,” she says Are.

Such companies look forward to paying well for highly skilled managers. W. P. In Kerry, this year’s average salary for the supply chain was $ 104,995, with a range of $ 90,000- $ 143,000 – more than $ 100,303 average for all jobs.

But salaries usually depend on industry, place and experience. For example, in those areas of the U.S. where the cost of living is low, such as in the southwest, the pay is adjusted accordingly. For many tech companies in California, the salary limit for a new MBA grade is usually $ 100,000-140,000.

But compensation will be expected to work harder with an MBA. The work of supply chain managers is very demanding, which can have a negative impact on work / life balance.

“The industry itself is changing,” says Croxton at Fisher College. “We are shopping in new ways, and maintaining the expectations of shopkeepers is incredibly difficult.

“But in general, working in the supply chain sector is not more demanding than working in many other areas of the business. This is an exciting area and most of the people working in it will tell you that no two days are not the same, and daily challenges are those that keep you interesting. “

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