Summary: Patients who are bed-ridden need to sleep well in order to recover in time. For this, you need to invest in the best air mattress for hospital bed which will support patients’ spine, alleviate pressure, and give them enough air circulation to avoid bedsores.

Different patients in a hospital have different needs and it is the responsibility of caregivers to look after them all, no matter how challenging they are. And, one such challenge you might face is selecting the right air mattress for your bed-ridden patients.

Air mattress for hospital beds comes as the best option here as they are perfect for relieving pressure and saving the patients from developing bedsores. They are easy to use, portable, can be inflated with the electric pump, and for deflating air mattress just let the valve lose.

Here are the reviews of some of the leading hospital bed air mattresses and why should you invest in them.

1. Titan by Brooklyn Bedding
For patients who are on a heavier side, Titan is a firm mattress designed to support weight. The airflow within the coil layers is also consistent and strong, keeping the mattress cool all through the slumber. Moreover, the mattress is well-reinforced with 2-inch high-density foam based top layer. The mattress aligns well with the spine of the patients so that they don’t end up with a sore back.

2. Nectar
Nectar is one of the hospital bed air mattresses which provide the best value for your investment as it doesn’t sag or is too thin for heavy weight patients. The Nectar is known for its incredible 11-inch height and 4 layers of foam that give the mattress the much-needed firmness.

The top layers amongst the 4 are made up of gel memory foam and regular memory foam material, both of which confirm to the body shape of the individual, alleviating pressure. The Medium Firmness of the bed also ensures that the patients don’t end up sinking in the middle of bed.
The cotton and Lyocell are breathable materials used in making the cover, so that, the patients who tend to sleep hot have no issues.

3. Loom and Leaf Air Mattress

When it comes to air mattresses with memory foam, Loom and Leaf makes a good choice for hospital beds because it doesn’t sag and is available in two firmness levels, ‘Medium’ and ‘Firm’, according to what your patient needs. The ‘Firm’ variant is perfect for heavier individuals as well as couples as it prevents motion transfer too.

4. The WinkBed Plus

It is usually difficult to find the perfect air mattress for hospital bed for heavy individuals who tend to sleep on side. They need strong structural as well as beck support and spinal alignment. Latex comfort layers and the gel polyfoam are used in its construction along with compressed cotton lumbar pads for an enhanced back support. The coil layer and lyocell covering are an added advantage because its continuous air circulation ensures that the patients sleep cool. The mattress comes with a Life-time warranty, further strengthening the promise of no sinkage and sagging.

Sleeping comfortably, at night or even in the day for bed-ridden patients, is crucial. And, one cannot ignore the need for a great quality air mattress for avoiding bed sores in case of patients. Therefore, we would advise you to go through the above reviews and select the air mattress with features to encourage a deep sleep for early recovery of your patients.



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