A gymnic physio roll has become a must in most homes where there is a workout culture and also in homes with kids and elderly.  This is basically formed by joining two balls.  It is used to increase body balance for toning of the muscles and for building and performing co-ordination activities. They have found place in not only homes, but gyms, clinics and also play areas for children. These rolls are used for treating difficulties in maintaining balance of the body and is especially important for the disabled and elderly. They are available in many sizes and you can choose your pick depending on the height, weight and age of the person you are purchasing the gymnic physio roll for.

Gymnic Physio Roll
Gymnic Physio Roll

Uses of gymnic physio roll

Body weight exercises: They are mostly used for body weight exercises and light weight exercises only. It is not advisable to use the gymnic physio roll as a bench and lift weights by resting upon it as you might lose balance and a mishap then is inevitable. There are chances of hurting yourself in the process. These rolls are used in almost all gyms today.

Physiotherapies: The gymnic physio rolls are widely being used by therapists today to treat patients.  The therapists can guide patients to sit on the roll and help them move properly. Thus, it not only aids in building muscles, but also is gradually gaining popularity among physiotherapists and is being used for treating patients.

Useful for pets:  The small-sized gymnic physio rolls can be used by pets who face issues in balancing their bodies, in movement and those with behavioural instabilities.

Do’s and don’ts while using a gymnic physio roll

  • The gymnic physio roll must be kept at a distance from any sharp object. If this roll bursts suddenly, then it can hurt the person standing close to it. Being a little careful can help this roll to last longer and serve you with many benefits.
  • It is recommended to put a maximum of 120 kgs on the physio roll for better maintenance and longevity.
  • The gymnic physio rolls are also used in clinics for various activities which involve- extension, flexion, equilibrium reaction and postural adjustment therapies.
  • These gymnicphysio rolls are peanut shaped and are able to move only in forward and backward direction thus limiting its use. Make sure there is someone to guide and assist an elderly or a kid at all times when he is on top of the gymnic physio roll.
Gymnic Physio Roll
Gymnic Physio Roll

Used by pets

The gymnic physio balls have become a rage in the recent years. They are affordable and are available in a wide variety of patterns, colours and designs. They are not only being used as one that will aid in building muscles. They are increasingly being used as play toys that keep the kids engaged and, in the process, improving their health.

The online platform is flooded with variety of gymnic physio rolls.  They are light and can be kept anywhere as per your convenience. Many doctors also recommend gimnicphysio roll to be used at home on a regular basis. The gymnic physio rolls is also found in rehabs and is a great support for the people of any age group. Thus, we can expect these gymnicphysio rolls to be used by more families and the aim is to spread the name of the product to as many as we can, so that they can also enjoy the benefits of this product and live an active life.


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