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By the way, employment opportunities in Gulf lands have inspired Indians for a long time. The areas of the Gulf have appeared as one of the preferred employment destinations among not only Indians but those from around the world. A lot of people in are waiting for gulf jobs announcement in Assignment Abroad Times for Gulf jobs interviews in Mumbai.

Why do people of India go to Gulf countries for work?

  • Breathable compensation: Companies in Gulf region offer better compensation than Indian companies. Apart from this, most of these firms provide housing facilities that protect job seekers from sweating for boarding and lodging in an unknown area. Apart from this, the employee is also entitled for other benefits such as medical insurance, death benefit, offshore pension, tax deduction on employment income etc.
  • Great pay for blue-collar workers: They provide great package not only for people with white collars but also for people with blue collars. In the Gulf countries, blue collar workers are welcome with better pay and better living standards than Indian counterparts.
  • Respect for women – Laws are strict to ensure equal rights in the Gulf areas, protection of women and their male counterparts.
  • Recognition of new talents – Companies of Gulf region have developed curiosity to separate new talent and to welcome fresh ideas of new people and to value their worthy contribution to the organization.

Therefore, you see that those employed in India go to the Gulf for employment.


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