The affiliate clone is a PHP affiliate script and is considered as a marketing script. The merchants give rewards to affiliates for referring a business. Today, most of the business conducts affiliate programs to promote their products or business. They allow the customers to refer to other customers and so consequently the customers can form a network by constantly inviting other customers to the business. For referring the customers, they are paid in the form of commission. So, both the parties are benefitted. The customers and the business both can earn money and the products of the company are constantly promoted.

Affiliate network for the business

So, the chain of affiliates is large and the organization should maintain the database of these affiliates. So, they should create their own website or download a website to conduct these affiliate programs. So, they borrow some of the features from other sites and build a network of affiliates. The merchant rewards the affiliates when they refer to new customers. But the merchants pay the affiliates only when they complete transactions with the new referral.

Different types of pay policies

Using the affiliate clone script, the businesses can startup their own business and promote their products. They should borrow some of the important features that include PPC which means Pay per Click, PPL which means Pay per Lead, Pay per Sales which means PPS, etc. PPC or Pay per Click is a system when the affiliate gets paid for the click made by the user whether the sales transaction is complete or not. Some companies follow the system of Pay per Lead. The companies pay fixed amount of commission for the affiliates. The affiliates get paid only for the actions made by them such as survey, free trails. They should follow some of the survey policies or trail policies and complete it. Some companies follow the system of Pay per Sales. The companies pay some fixed amount of commission for the revenue generated by them or sales transaction undertaken by them.

Features of affiliate clone script

So, they can borrow any of these features depending upon their pay policy. The website cloning is powered by two types of affiliate scripts namely Click Bank Clone and Commission Junction Clone. They should borrow the features that help them to promote their product. Such scripts provide details of the profile along with credential and in the section; they also mention the shipping and billing address. They can install the search filter option to view the products as specified in the category. The product contains the details about the product and the images too. The users can avail the referral coupon to buy the product also. They can purchase the products first and then refer to the referrals once they buy the products. The referrals can sometimes view the product and view the e-commerce products also.

The website cloning service provides services to the business who wants to add product affiliate links, images and the descriptions of the product. The businesses can first buy the product and then refer to the referrals after buying their product. They comprise admin management topographies to maintain the database of all the referrals.


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