Advantages of Studying an MBA in the US

Have you decided that you want to stay in America to receive your MBA? Are you still arguing that you should study abroad or not? Either way, this article is for you.

From the great networking opportunities and the quality of business schools, in the name of just one couple, there are many benefits to earning your MBA degree in the US.

Making connections in the US

The top American business schools are arguably the most established network and connections with domestic and international businesses in the world. While seeking post-graduation jobs, these are the connections that often prove to be important for your success. Many MBA programs (especially traditional two-year programs, which are related to US business schools) also offer internship opportunities during your MBA. These internships may be offered full-time job offers.

Business schools organize regular networking events, where you have the opportunity to meet local companies and make connections. Important when you are talking to job market. This does not mean that if you study abroad, you will not be able to get a job in the US, but these major connections can be made easy for those who have studied at home level.

Quality of business schools in the US

One more thing to keep in mind is the quality of business schools in America. Ranking is a good benchmark considering the quality of various business schools. The QS Global MBA Ranking 2018 has, for example, ranked Harvard Business School as the top MBA program in the world. Of the top 25 ranked MBA programs, there were 13 business schools in the US, which showed strongness in the depth of American business schools.

While ranking is not the only thing that should be considered when choosing a school, they are a good indicator of quality. Other factors should be considered when research of business schools return to job-rate, salary levels and graduates’ investment (ROI) at graduation level, and much more. In addition to the Global MBA rankings, QS also issues a report every year that international MBA recognizes trends in salary and recruitment. Data from the 2018 Jobs and Salary Trends report has found that the current US is most generous when it comes to MBA salary

level, then the US $ 98,900 is the average salary for an MBA person.

Understanding the school system

If you have grown up in the American education system, the transition to study MBA in the US can be easier than studying abroad. It is important to be comfortable in your learning environment, and it can be simple things that make real difference. Are you like a person who wants to study abroad, or are you a house that feels close to your friends, family and things you know about? Studying abroad can be difficult to maintain the balance between school, family and work, especially if you are planning to keep your job while completing an MBA program. The difference of time abroad, with limited time for travel, there are few factors at the top of the MBA related workload that can affect your work and social life.

If you decide to study abroad, people and resources will be available to help you in transit smoothly, this can be outside your current facility area. For example, while most MBA curriculums will still be taught in English, and there is a similar format for MBA programs in the US, the way research is done and the papers written abroad can be different. These differences can be very important when going to school in a foreign country, especially where English is not the native language. To fully understand that your job is to find a school, and to meet those expectations, there will be an adjustment period

benefits of mba from usa

Weigh the pros and cons

Deciding the right place for your studies is a big decision. Whether you decide to stay at home or take the venture forward, it is important to make sure that your choice is right for you. Before making a dozer that will undoubtedly change your life, it is always important to weigh up the professionals and the opposition and determine what will be better for you in the long run. This article is not meant to stop you from studying abroad, there are many benefits to doing so. Rather, it should highlight the perks of living in America to receive your MBA.


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