A bobblehead is an extraordinary gift that will surely be treasured and keep forever.  Who doesn’t want a customized bobblehead of himself?  You can also give this as a gift to a friend, family member or even kids.

Nowadays, you can ask to have a custom bobblehead procedure where expert artists create your own unique bobblehead according to your specifications.  The artist will customize it the way that you want it.  You will control the process from start to finish.

Who doesn’t love bobblehead dolls, especially those customized ones?  They are the best and most unique gift idea to cheer up an office desk, a boring room or a dashboard.  They can bring a smile to anyone who sees it.  Do you know how these great dolls are made?  Here are the procedures on how unique bobblehead stores make them.  Now that you are going to know the secret, go to our website and have yours created right away.

How they are made

  1. The customer should select a photo that they want to turn into a doll.  This is the very first and most important step in making a unique bobblehead.  The customer can choose anything like a picture of a friend, family member, favorite actress, role model, their own photo or even those of their pets.  You need to start with a crisp and clear photo so that the artist can create his masterpiece.  The artist may ask the customer to bring a few photos to ensure his great work of art.
  2. The artist will then move the image to some kind of mold. He may use sculptor or digital programming to come up with 3D of the face and the head.  This means that it will basically start as a mold of clay.  Next, he will artistically and carefully replicate the photo. He may make use of some tools for sculpting.  Many artists underwent vigorous training before they can even work as a bobblehead expert.
  3. Once done with the mold, the artist will have the customer approved the mold.  He would want to make sure that everything is according to the customer’s liking.  The customer has the right to edit and do as many proofs as he needed to.  The artist would be glad to make changes to his mold before he can proceed to the final procedure of the production.
  4. Once the customer approves the mold it is now time to cast it.  The artist will depend on the basic technique of sculpture in order to do so.  The material will also depend on the bobblehead maker or the company.  During this process, it will be hard to make immediate changes anymore.  The customer will be allowed to request a new painting change, new body, but once the mold is already cast it will all be permanent.  Most makers use a special layer of the coat to assure it sturdiness.
  5. The unique bobblehead is then painted and colored diligently.  This is where all the magic happens. The artist will now replicate the image he has and will utilize different brushes and tools to do so.  Everything needs to be done meticulously to copy the image.
  6. The head of the doll will now be assembled.  After the head is cast, molded and colored it will now be attached to its body.  The bobblehead moves or bobbles because of the anchor system and the weight.  In order for this to work, the doll’s body should have some hollow insert.  When it is complete, it will be placed on a base so that it can stand well anywhere. There are bobbleheads that have adhesive placed on under the base for easy attachment to the desk or any surfaces.
  7. The bobblehead is now finished and it will now be packed and delivered to the customer.  Companies usually offer a refund if ever the customer is not satisfied with his unique bobblehead doll.

How Unique Bobblehead Doll Is

Process – All companies try to have their own unique technique to construct a bobblehead doll.  There are some who depend on the digital process in making their customized bobbleheads, while others only do everything manually.  They do everything by hand from molding, casting to painting.  There are other companies that do a mixture of both of these processes to come up with their bobblehead dolls.

Materials – Companies only select their own materials for their bobblehead dolls.  The quality of their dolls will greatly depend on these materials.  The best materials for these kinds of dolls are plastic and resin because they are sturdy and do not break easily.  Bobbleheads made from resin are the recent upgrade from the previous bobbleheads. Bobbleheads back then were made from cheap plastic, wood, and ceramic.

Duration – Whatever process, materials or techniques being used to create these bobbleheads it would take time to make.  It would take around a month to create a unique bobblehead doll.  Remember that this is considered an art.  Art takes time and effort.  So make adjustments, especially if you want to give it as a gift for somebody.

To get your own unique bobblehead doll, find the best store that offers these beautiful masterpieces.  Once you found one, the store will give you a work order and will send you a URL where you can upload the image and they will also give you choices as to what type of body design you want.

There are hundreds of themes that you can choose from, so you have to make up your mind about what you want because it would be very hard for you to make any more changes after.    The head is manually sculpted by the artist.  The artist replicates it exactly as what you have in the photo, like beards, expression of the face, earrings or glasses.  The customer usually will get email proofs for changes or to approve the ones made.  Companies usually take 4-5 weeks before they can finish it.

So now that you know how much work is put into making a unique bobblehead doll, you will surely agree that this is a work of art.  Get one of these masterpieces now!


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