7 Best Tips for getting a Job in the UAE/GULF/Middle East.

Getting a job in one of the member countries of the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC), the growth of talent available in the field, special experience required by employers, formal / informal quota on nationalities, place is not an easy process because the candidate and the employer, the employer Visa rules, salary budgets are sometimes associated with the human capital market and other variables. The following best tips will help you get the job you want in the Middle East/GCC Countries.

How to find Abroad Jobs easily

  1. Have a strategy and a solid plan. Someone once said, “Finding a job is a full time job”, only you can get the desired job, it is not dependent on others to get it for you. Develop a strategy, plan every day and implement it and count it! Go through about the latest tips, invest in yourself and if you need additional support, get it!
  2. Make sure your cv is marked. Review the contents of your CV, submit the most updated and relevant information, and remove old achievements that are no longer relevant. You are not writing a book, shorten the CV, do not exceed 2 pages, and do not give cries because it will be difficult to read. Remove graphics such as logos that distract attention from content. Do not use bright colors or patterns. For GCC employers, include information such as your nationality, age, marital status, availability, reason for leaving employers and introduction of your employers.
  1. Stand out from the crowd. Asking to send your CV and contact by email is not the most effective way to get a job. You need a network, you need to research the companies that are hiring, contact them, and make sure they review your profile. You have to find a way to contact the hiring decision makers and provide a short summary of your experience in writing by phone call, video, or email. The message should not be more than 60 seconds and should tell you why you are the best person for the vacancy as well as request a meeting.
  1. Use your network and others whom you know. People are usually ready to help a friend, a colleague, or an acquaintance, so use the networks you have access to get help, you have to give to others so that you share your knowledge, advise others, help others to contact, and when you need help, then it will be easy to ask.


  1. Tour the country. If you are not in the country, then the country you are targeting can be an effective way to increase your network, meet employers and confirm that you are willing to work in a new environment. Although this is not a holiday, you need to fulfill a solid plan and objective during your stay.
  2. Update your online profile, including your LinkedIn profile. Today, visual and video presentations are easily accessible and can have a strong impact on employers and your network.
  3. Quickly attach your employment references. It means connecting with them again, informing them that you are looking for new jobs, and if you find your job search and get their advice and support possible. You want to contact your references only when you need them.

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