Animated videos are a fun and engaging way to tell the story of your product. It can help you tell your story more comprehensively. As per the statistics, visual information is processed 60000 times faster than text. Also, 2d animation video is also one of a kind. Another talking head or boring explainer would not do the trick of attracting customers. So to get the engagement of your viewers, animated videos can be the solution. Let us introduce you to many of the things you may not know about this amazing marketing resource animated videos.

Simplification of complex topics

Animated videos simplify a particular situation you are trying to explain. With the help of an animation, you can show how mechanisms and processes work. Animated videos bring concepts of life to your videos. You can make your character dance, run, cry or laugh whatever. It just simplifies the way you present your product. Through animated videos, everything becomes so much easier.


Everyone watches TV or videos for fun or for removing stress. People love being entertained even when they are consuming any educational or business matters. Animated videos just add 10 points to the entertainment factor. You just need to make a viral video that will spread your product like a wildfire. The fun element of video animation online adds on extra advantage to your commercial and makes it more entertaining and thus more effective.

Relatively cheaper

Animated videos are a way cheaper than other head explainer videos comparatively. You don’t need to find actors, prepare the shooting schedules, shooting, cutting the film and do post-production. You just need to put your efforts to find a video animator who can make an animated video for you and your company. The efforts put to make an animated video are a way lesser than a live video.

Striking the right tone

How your audience will receive your message is not in your hands in case of print media and social media. With animated videos, you can strike a wider range of emotional tones. Sometimes presenting some topics with human actions is also difficult and cause trouble. In such cases, animated videos come to your defense. These can cover difficult subjects effectively without causing your audience to put their defenses up. It helps you to strike the right tone.

Keeps the viewer’s attention

Animated videos Spark the conversation and make your audience want to know the whole story. They evoke emotions that easily resonate with the viewers. As the internet users have short attention spans, you need to make a video that is short and effective. Moreover, animated videos are not conventional and out of the box, therefore, people are more likely to pay attention to them. They get attracted by the animations and grab their attention until the ad is finished. You visually capture abstract ideas, therefore, there are keen to learn about your product.

By reading all the above advantages, one thing is for sure that many of you will want to make an animated video for your next project.


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